The Lawnton Academy is a registered small business owned and operated by the Principal of the Academy, Louise Cross. The Academy is affiliated with Gymnastics Qld (GQ) and Gymnastics Australia (GA) and a member of the Australian Sports Commission Club Development Provider Network.

The Academy commenced operation in October 1982 in a small leased shed in Paisley Drive. In 1987 Louise Cross was successful in her application for a loan to build the current facility that we now work in. Being a private business, the Academy receives no Government Grants. All costs for building loan, leases, rentals, equipment, staff wages, maintaining the facility etc. come from the gymnast's fees.

Over the years, the Academy has produced many Regional, State, National and International representatives. Our 'Honour Board' is testament to this. The Academy has been the best Overall Club in Qld for Girls for 9 consecutive years (1994 - 2002) and best Boys Club in Qld for 5 consecutive years (1999 - 2003) and also in 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2012. In 2012 our MAG Program took out the Champion Club in Australia at the National Club Championships.

In 1991 the Academy was given the honour of being named the first 'Satellite Club' for the Q.G.A.I. W.A.G. High Performance Program. In 1993 the Academy's Boy's Program was recognised and we became a Support Club for the MAG High Performance Program. In March of '99 at the 50th Anniversary of QGA Inc, the Academy was honoured by being named QGA and AGF Club of the Year for 1998.


The Lawnton Academy provides a quality service to the community through the implementation of challenging, safe & enjoyable programs that inspire all participants of all levels & abilities to reach their full potential in the sport of Artistic Gymnastics.




  1. To provide a program that caters for the whole range of artistic gymnastic performance for males & females from Tiny Twister-Gym and Recreational programs to competitive, State, National and International performance.
  2. To provide a staff of dedicated professionals with great expertise & enthusiasm to assist all gymnasts in their care to reach they're full potential in their chosen program at the Academy.
  3. To create an environment in the Academy which will develop a child's physical, social, emotional and intellectual abilities and therefore assist to lay the foundation for learning about life & self.
  4. To provide a correct foundation in the learning of gymnastic skills in every Academy program available.
  5. To produce competitive gymnasts with very high standards in their chosen sport.
  6. To conduct Academy activities in such a way as to provide an environment which, so far as practicable, protects the health, safety and welfare of ALL persons at the Academy and actively encourages safe working practices.
  7. To foster & encourage gymnasts to become future Coaches, Judges & Administrators in the sport by providing a gym leader & apprenticeship program of the highest standard.
  8. To provide an administration system that focuses on excellence in customer service, communication and good management practices.
  9. To provide gymnasts and their parents with a challenge and also a lot of enjoyment by participating in the Academy's extra activities.


The Academy program (directed by the Principal), has in place both full-time salaried staff and casual staff whose dedication & coaching ability has been instrumental in the Academy being recognised as providing one of the most successful gymnastics programs in Qld and Australia. 

There are 2 area’s of operation at the Academy:-

  • Program & Coaching Operations
  • Support & Resources (Administration)

The Coaching Operation area is managed by two (2) Program Supervisors – one for the Boys Program and one Girls Program & Tiny Twister Program Supervisor.  These persons are supported by a large group of Recreational & Competitive program coaches.  Accredited Assistant Coaches & Gym Leaders are also in training and under the supervision of our Program Supervisors.
The Support & Resources operations employs several administration staff working in the area’s of Customer service, Facility Management,  Event Management, Workplace Health & Safety, Maintenance, Marketing & Finance. 

All Academy Coaching Staff are N.C.A.S. (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme) accredited and hold First Aid qualifications.  Most were former high-level competitors in the sport.  The National Body insists on yearly updating courses so all its coaches are well versed in their field.  Some of our staff also hold Judging Qualifications.

All persons involved in instruction, management or coaching of any Academy student must have undergone a “Working with Children Check” and have attended a “Safe – Active – Kids – Child Protection workshop” as required by the Commission for Children & Young People Act 2000 (Qld). Resumes are located on the notice board in the front office.


Lawnton Academy of Artistic Gymnastics      13 Walter Cres, Lawnton, Q 4501.
Office Hours:- Mon – Fri 10.00am – 6.00pm.      Sat 8.30am – 12.30pm.
Phone : (07) 3205-6181       Fax : (07) 3205-8816       E-mail : lawntongym@bigpond.com
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